Monday, September 26, 2011

Embroidery hoop wall art

Welcome to my new rainy day / nap time / super scrap busting project! This is another super easy and quick craft you can do when you just need to see something new on the walls. I am making these for my daughters room because, well, to be honest, there's a lot of bare space up in there. I have all these fat quarters of awesome, fun fabrics that I just keep around because I knew SOMEDAY there's going to be a perfect project for them.

Guess what? This is it.

I found some lovely (i.e. awful) embroidery wall hangings in the hoops at Goodwill for $2 for 7 hoops....much cheaper than buying them new! I know someone, somewhere, wishes I hadn't defaced these pieces of artwork, but what's done is done. Here's a look at a few of the hoops I started with.

Lovely, yes?

So, all while being sad about destroying the lace Cabbage Patch Kid art, I methodically ripped apart the pieces of their once glorious fabric lives. There are no pictures of this part because it wasn't pretty. After cleaning up the evidence from my fabric massacre, I laid out the new fabric that was going to slip in and assume the Cabbage Patch Kids lacey life.

Now, at this point, it was still early enough into nap time that I decided to get all fancy and trace around my hoop. You are more than welcome to do that if it makes you happy, but it really isn't necessary. Just for poops and laughs, I will show you the pictures of it in case you need photographic instructions of how to trace. Ready? Pay attention!

Now, you are going to cut around your fancy circle! Don't cut too close to your traced circle though because you need enough fabric to cover the whole inner hoop.

So now you have your fabric cut out. Good job! CELEBRATE! Now, get ready to buckle down. Here comes the hard part. Lay your inner hoop on your work surface and line up your fabric on top of it.

Got it? Good. Push the outer hoop over the fabric and inner hoop. Make sure the fabric pulls tight and even! Tighten the screw at the top to keep everything nice and secure.

From this point on, I stopped being fancy and just cut out a square to use. It made this go even faster than it already was. After you have all your fabrics put into your hoops, trim the excess fabric from the back.

This is what you should have now...

Hang those bad boys up anywhere you decide they need to go! I will most likely rearrange these before I am totally happy and I can change them whenever I get tired of looking at the same prints! The awesome quilt you see underneath the hoop art was made by our good friend Felicia M.!

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project!!


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