Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nap time project!

Hello world! Welcome to the first this-is-super-cute-but-I'm-way-too-cheap-to-buy-it project! Everyone could use a wipe-off board. I know I walk out of the house every single day forgetting SOMETHING. Seriously, we are here to make your life better. This is where it starts. This is a great project to use that fabric scrap that is just too awesome to get rid of but too small to make anything with. Let's get down to it (because the Creature is still asleep!) and see what we need to do this...

So, you have your dirt cheap frame from the thrift store and your piece of pretty fabric. The only thing you need to make sure of with whatever frame you choose is that it has glass. Marker doesn't wipe off fabric very well. See? Still helping with that better life thing... I digress..

Take the frame apart. Lay the fabric face down and put the frame back on top of it. I'm sure that measuring would be what most people would tell you to do. However, it's nap time and I don't have time for silly measuring. I just cut around the backing and it worked famously!

Now comes the hard part! Put the fabric and the backing back into the frame.

WHEW! Go have a cup of coffee and rest from all that work. No, really. Go. You deserve it. I'll wait. All better? Awesome! This should be what you have to show for the fruits of all your labor.

After all this hard work, I realized I didn't have a stand on the back of my frame so I attached a ribbon to the staples so I can hang this by the front door. I hot glued some ribbon scraps together to make a bow to hide the nail.

And then add a little scrap around the middle to hide the glue.
WOO! Pretty, yes?

Now, either beg a man to do the man-work of hammering a nail into the wall or pull up your big girl panties and do it yourself. Hang that thing up, lady! I put mine right next to the door so I have no reason to forget everything. Positive thinking, right?

Confused about the Sharpie? Good news! Sharpie is easily removed from glass with a scrubbie! Then you won't wipe it off by mistake like you can with a dry erase marker...Not that I've done that and ended up with it on a white shirt. Nope, never happened. Now go make this!


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