Saturday, January 7, 2012

Betcha can't use just one!

We've all done it. Bought the way over-priced ones in the drug store. We've all marveled at the awesomeness of them sucking the greasies right off your nose...But MAN. I might have to sell the Creature to keep myself supplied with them. Betcha can't guess what we are going to show you today....................

That's right!!

How to make new candles out of your husbands earwax!

...wait. That's for next week.

DIY oil absorbing sheets in an upcycled powder compact! Who knew those expensive, name brand blue sheets were nothing but tissue paper??

Supplies are:
old compact with mirror
butter knife
pretty paper
mod podge and paint brush
white tissue paper (got mine for like 15 cents a pack at Walgreens after Christmas)
glue gun
trinkets (optional)

First things first. Trace 2 circles onto the back of the paper. Cut 'em out...Put 'em aside.
Next, take your trusty butter knife and slide it in between the edge of the powder and the compact. It should pop out very easily. If it doesn't, you can take an eyedropper and drip some acetone to help loosen the glue.

Since I couldn't get all the residue off, I cut out a smaller circle and glued it to the bottom, white side up. I used that same circle to make a template for the tissue paper.

Nothing difficult. I figured since I was making a few, I should just cut the entire pack into circles and put the extras into a zipper baggie. AND, I was even smart enough to put the template into the bag so when i started to run low I could make more! Look at me working smarter not harder! I am so smart - SMRT.
So now all we really have left to do is cover the compact with paper. I ended up needing 3 circles because my compact had a clear lid and you could still see the brand. I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach the circles and my nifty little charm from a necklace I got from a cool chick named Megan. She enjoys things of the red plastic cup nature if you ever need to get her a gift.

Back to business....Gluing stuff. Try to avoid your fingers when using a glue gun. Not that I have any PERSONAL experience or knowledge. Just a little bit of safety minded precautions.

I made sure to get the Mod Podge on the edges between the paper and the plastic of the compact to help keep it from peeling off from being so lovingly placed in purses and thrown into diaper bags. You only need a thin coat so it doesn't take it long to dry at all. While I was waiting for the top to dry, I covered the inside with Mod Podge over the paper and charm. Once everything is dry, load it up with some tissue paper circles and get ready to de-shine in style!!

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  1. Haha, I just read this. First off, GREAT idea. I need those little oil sheets like you need coffee. Secondly, thanks for the shout out involving red solo cups and I'm glad you put to use that cutesy charm. :)