Wednesday, January 11, 2012

K cups on 'da cheap!

I know many of us have (or desperately want) a Keurig coffee maker. They are a mama's best friend when you need that cup in a seriously quick fashion. Problem is, I might have to sell my daughter to fund the cups that go in it. Now, I hear there'e a reusable one you can buy. I'm sure its awesome...But you have to buy filters and such to go in it, so they are still making bucks off of it. I have yet to buy any more pre-filled cups. I am still using the sample ones that came with the machine that I got on Christmas. I make mine all in advance for the week.

Here's what you need:

Saran Press and Seal wrap
used K cups
ground coffee
1/2 TBSP measuring spoon

First things first..Use the K cup for the caffeinated goodness it holds in it's cuptastic loins. Take a nice break and enjoy it. You deserve it!

Now, ya know how it says on the lid not to remove the foil top? Be the rule breaker you know you are deep down inside and rip that sucker off!! Dump the coffee out in the garbage and rinse out the grounds that are still clinging to the filter like that creepy guy that had a crush on you in 9th grade. Don't worry if you can't get it completely clean...I never get mine perfect either. Let it dry overnight.

**fast forward 24 hours**

Take the 1/2 TBSP measuring spoon and start to fill it. One spoonful at a time with a little light tamping (packing it down) in between each spoonful. Don't be getting all aggressive with it because you will rip the filter out. Fill it up to the little ridge leaving some space for the coffee to expand during brewing.

Grab that Press and Seal wrap and tear off a piece about 4 inches wide. Tear it into 3 equal squares.

Take the first one and stretch it just a smidge and cover the top of the cup. Smooth it down and mold it tightly to the sides of the cup. Grab a second piece of the wrap and do it a second time. Make sure to run your fingers around the rim a few time to give it a nice tight seal.

Use your newly filled cup just like you normally would.

Guess what its time to do now?? Chugalug, ladyparts! And for goodness sake, don't throw it away. Look how many times I've reused these things! I'm all green and stuff.

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